Interacting particlesColloids or nanoparticles are species dispersed in a solvant with a size lying between ten nanometers and ten micrometers. At such size, surface interaction between particles (Van der Waals and electrostatic) controls the properties of colloids (rheology, diffusion ...).Colloids are present in natural form (clay in water, milk, wine, biological liquid ...) or in industrial applications (paints, ...).

Colloidal systems have both important academic and industrial significance in a wide variety of areas. Because of surface interactions, colloids offer the opportunity to investigate the dynamic of multi-body interacting systems.These interactions are for example responsible of self-organisation processus. If such complex behaviors arefully controled, innovation, new processes and new products would be developped.

Les interactions entraînent un accroissement de complexité source de performances inattendues

Albert Jacquard, L'équation du nénuphar

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